Vision and Mision

Vision, Mision, and Objectives of Bachelor of Nutrition
Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga


Vision :

Achieving outstanding nutrition science study program in Indonesia in order to yield Human Capital in Nutrition science that is competitive both in the level of national and international with Excellence with Morality.



  1. Executing and developing education, research, and community services that innovative, based on entrepreneurship, and religion,
  2. Be the role model and reference for nutrition education in East Indonesia,
  3. Be the main reference of urban nutrition education in the level of national, regional, and international.
  4. Bring the quality and quantity of human resources in terms of development in knowledges and technology specifically in nutrition into higher level,
  5. Build network and cooperation of nutrition in the local, national, regional, and international level.


  1. Providing bachelor of nutrition graduates that proactive, innovative, and professional,
  2. Providing research in nutrition that support the development of knowledge and technology in healthcare sector by students and lecturers,
  3. Implementing knowledge and technology in nutrition to community services,
  4. Execute effective, efficient, and sustainable learning process in order to pursue competitive and conducive academic atmosphere,
  5. Providing human resources that able to catch up with the development knowledges and technology in nutrition,
  6. The realization of mutually supportive partnerships with stakeholders both at the national and international levels