Field Trip of Nutritional Anthropology: Getting Closer to the Tengger Society in Wonokitri Village

The field trip of nutritional anthropology was held on Wednesday ( 29/11/23) which was located in Wonokitri Village, Tosari District from 11 am to 3 pm. This activity was carried out as a series of learning activities for the Nutrition Anthropology Course which was attended by all 3rd Semester Nutrition Students of FKM UNAIR. This activity aims to recognize the culture, customs, and eating habits of the Tengger tribe directly. By doing this field trip activity, it is expected that students can observe directly and reflect on the extent of knowledge that has been obtained during lectures in the classroom.

The group of students departed from Universitas Airlangga at around 7 a.m. accompanied by several lecturers, namely Dr. Siti Rahayu Nadhiroh, S.KM, M.Kes., Azizah Ajeng Pratiwi, S.Gz, M.Gizi, and Lailatul Muniroh, S.KM, M.Kes. as the lecturer of Nutrition Anthropology. The journey took four hours until the group arrived at the Pendopo Agung Panca Manggala Gatra Nagara Wonokitri Village at 11 pm. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by Wonokitri Village officials and invited to immediately enter the hall.

The activity was opened with remarks given by the Secretary of Wonokitri Village, Chief Carik, Customary Head (Dukun Pandhita), and Mrs. Lail as PJMK Anthropology Nutrition. After the speech was over, it was continued with an explanation of the general description and brief history of Wonokitri Village delivered by the village officials. Then, the activity continued with exposure, discussion, and questions and answers about the culture that exists in the Tengger tribe society which lasted about 1 hour.

Entering the break time, the group was allowed to break time and have lunch. Afterward, each student who had been divided into several groups was allowed to go directly to the homes of local residents. Students visited the houses of local residents to conduct direct interviews. This interview aims to explore more in-depth information about the culture, customs, and eating habits of the Wonokitri Village community. Students are given about one and a half hours to find residents’ homes and conduct interviews independently

After the interview, students returned to the hall to conduct a documentation session, group photos, and to prepare for the trip home. Then a group prayer was held before the entire group of students continued their journey back to Airlangga University.

Author : Arvina Tria Nitami

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